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I've found the most AWESOME Tarot Software FREE!


Best thing is, you can customize it (decks, your interps, etc)!

C'mon, you know you want it! =)


Man oh man

It's been a looong time!

I want to start reading again, but I've kinda been waiting till I get a new deck...

The Tarot of a Moon Garden just doesn't do it for me. =(

I think the cards are pretty, but I have a devil of a time getting any meaning out of the symbolism. It's there, I know it is, hell I can see it, but the pastely swirling colors collide in my mind and everything goes blank. You know, colorburst psychedelic blank.

Anywho, since I don't have the dinero for another deck right now, and won't anytime in the relatively near future, I feel stuck.

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Get Into Character

From Tarot Journaling (TJ)

I will post my answers soon. Anyone wanna give it a go w/ me? =)

PromtCollapse )

This is another one I typed up some time ago, I can't wait to do this one myself!

From my main journal, a while back...

Below is copy/pasted my response to a Tarot Course/Filter from fortunamirth's journal for teaching, etc.

The question was: "Let's each of us make a new Major Arcana based on what it means to you, or come up with a themed Tarot that you would love to see made, or both!" and then: "OK, who's been wanting to do one? C'mon....let's see who's creative..."


This is a fantastic idea! Let's see if I can come up w/ something, uh, useful, lol...

0 - The Child
I - the Adept
II - the Witch
III - the Goddess
IV - the God
V - the Teacher
VI - Union
VII - the Path
VIII - Power
IX - the Monk or the Cunning One
X - the Sabbats
XI – Balance or Nature
XII - True Self
XIII – Death or Growth
XIV - Wisdom
XV - Fear
XVI - the Tower or Chaos
XVII - Blessings
XVIII - the Moon or the Shadow or Dreams
XIX - Life
XX - Rebirth
XXI - the Beyond
0 – Energy

The idea of a second 0 to end the Major's (as the actual 22nd card) comes from my first (and most beloved... so far at least) deck, the Quest deck, and I like the idea, because it completes the circle. There's also a "wildcard" which is blank in the deck that you can either decorate yourself, use blank, or take out. I would include that card in a deck, and keep it blank, except w/ a label of "Intuition", which I thought about as a Name for the Moon card, but it was a bit too narrow, as "Dreams" probably is too.

I really enjoyed this, it got my creative juices flowing, there are a few cards that I really agree w/ the original names (Death, Tower, Moon) and left those, but tried to come up w/ something else as well.

-End Copy/Paste-

What y'all fellow readers think? Wanna try one for yourself, could end up being a Meme, hehehe...

BTW, ummm, another stoopid question, but alas, I don't get it, what does Meme stand for? LOL, is it an acronym or uh, what?

Editted to add (waaay l8r): Btw, those happen to be my fave cards (Death, Tower, Moon)...